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Adding your software site or program to the database is easy. To begin, add one of the following text links or buttons to your site and add the details below.

Note: Please do not use an automated program to add your software listing here. And please, only ONE listing per program!

If you do not link back, you will NOT receive a free listing. Contact us if you prefer to be listed without having to link back, there is an annual fee of just $10 for this.

We DO NOT allow software links to be added that do not have any supporting Web site. A functioning Web site is needed for verification purposes. Sorry.

Software Downloads

Software Downloads
Software Downloads

Title : *

Name or Title of your Software Site or Program

Eg: PC Turbo Screensaver Special

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Link to your Software Download Directly.

Note: Please ensure you use the FULL link to the file - Eg:

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Please ensure you provide a web address - this site must also contain the link-back to our site to be listed

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Make sure you pick the category the category suitable for your software

Description : *

Enter the description of your software. Remember, these fields are "searchable" but please do not just fill in the entire box with keywords or they will be removed. Please be creative!

Filesize of File :

Is your file 90KB ? 5MB ? Put the size of your program - plus at end if it's KB or MB

Version of Software :

Is this just version 1 ? 2.3 ?

Operating System :

What Operating System runs your Software

Licence :

Is your Software Free, a Demo or Commercial?

Price :


Cost of Software - Please add the currency - $, £, € etc

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Password to modify this Information

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Your Name or Company Name

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Gold Rated Software Downloads

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